Our Holistic Approach

Holistic nutrition is an natural and integrative approach towards finding the root cause to ailments, diseases, and weight control. By looking at every aspect of ones life; personal and family medical history, daily activity and exercise, mental health and stress management, etc we search for underlying issues that could be causing imbalances within the body and leaving it in an unhealthy state. We identify these imbalances and implement protocols to help heal and re-balance the body so that it can begin to work as it should again.

Then, we use our complex resources to help you maintain the new changes we implement; delicious and healthy recipes, meal plans, supplementation recommendations,  tips on managing food cravings, and more. We work to change your lifestyle for the better so that you not only learn how to implement these new changes, but teach your body to crave this new lifestyle so that you see healthy changes LONG-TERM. We believe that if you give the body what is needs, with the proper food and lifestyle, it will restore itself and keep you healthy and happy.

Why This Approach is Important

We live in a society that bombards us with misleading and inaccurate information every single day, and it can be difficult to know what information to believe and trust. Our medical system, for example, is extremely well advanced in so many ways, but when it comes to preventative care and diet, its lacking in many important ways. The issue with this is that we don't learn how to prevent illness and disease, or how to fight off illness and disease using our own bodies healing mechanisms. Did you know that most doctors have extensive pharmaceutical training, but little to no training on diet and nutrition? This means that time is rarely taken to determine the root cause of problems, and instead a pill is used to treat symptoms. It is a detrimental practice we depend on for our health, because symptoms rarely identify what is actually going on within our bodies (unless you have a broken arm or something more physical). This is why "functional medicine" a new holistic way of looking at healthcare, challenges this current methodology and it is something we strongly believe in and practice at Happy Body Nutrition. Functional medicine, is a visionary way to manage ones health, as it looks at the "whole" body, not only symptoms, but diet, stressors, activity level, toxic exposures, and more. It is HEALTH care after all, not SYMPTOM care, which is why functional medicine is so revolutionary, and a much better way of treating illness and disease. It helps to truly identify the root cause of problems and how to heal. 

At Happy Body Kitchen, we view your health with the theory of functional medicine. We learn about YOU. Your lifestyle, your diet, and environmental factors at play. All of these things help us determine what is really going on. Why you keep getting sick, why you have been inflicted with a chronic disease, why you can't lose weight, and more. We treat you how you should be treated when it comes to your health, because your life matters. 

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